Somehow the loaders of the future will be like that

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Electric propulsion and autonomous driving are key pillars for the future of the automobile, but also of the heavy vehicle and machinery industry.

In this context, Volvo Construction Equipment in collaboration with Lego Technic envisioned and created ZEUX, a fully electric and autonomous loader.

The machine will be equipped with a drone which will be equipped with a camera and will map the area in which it operates, while it will have great autonomy and will be able to operate on a 24-hour basis. This is Volvo's vision for the future of this type of vehicle.

At the moment, ZEUX will be released in August as a construction model by Lego and will consist of a total of 1.167 bricks and components. It will be a member of the Technic family which means it will have many functional parts.

The idea for the ZEUX loader came about in 2016 and, as Volvo CE chief communications strategist Arvind Rinaldo puts it, "this partnership has allowed us to try out new types of construction equipment for the future."

"This model may look futuristic now, but autonomous, fully electric and connected construction machinery has already begun to become a reality.

The Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX is a realistic step in the exciting development of our construction machinery ", he added.