How Facebook will reveal your τους hidden fans

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From like to… love the distance is not long and Facebook will make it easier for its users to travel through it with the help of the dating service Dating, which starts in the USA, while it will also be available in Europe since the beginning of 2020!

The service was launched in 2018 in 19 countries and the US will now be the 20th. Anyone over the age of 18 with a Facebook account will be able to create their own Dating profile. In it he will necessarily mention his name (not his last name) and his age, while optionally he will be able to choose which photos and other details from his Facebook or Instagram profile will be included in his Dating profile.

Despite Facebook's criticism of violating its users' personal data (see also Cambridge Analytica scandal), it is now coming to ask its users to trust it… very personal things about themselves.

How it will work

Thanks to Dating's new Secret Crush feature, each user will be able to choose from up to nine other Facebook and Instagram users and, although others do the same for him, everyone can eventually find a match. of.

Dating users will be able to integrate with this Instagram account and add from their latest "followers" to the Secret Crush directory. If two users label each other as Secret Crush, then Facebook Dating will notify both of them of mutual interest, without this being made known to any other Facebook or Instagram user.

A user's Dating activity will not appear on their social media profile, but will remain separate.

The user can set his preferences for a partner based on factors such as distance of residence, age, religion, height, etc. He will also be able to decide if he wants his Dating profile to be seen by his friends (and who) on Facebook.

The online partner search market is already quite competitive with "players" such as Tinder (the most popular today with more than 8,5 million users), Match, OKCupid, Bumble, eHarmony, Hinge and more.

However, Facebook, with 2,1 billion users, is optimistic that there is a comfortable space for Dating as well, as at least 200 million users declare themselves unmarried and single, much more that nothing prevents married couples from using Dating.

In fact, he "bets" that Dating will push many people who have never dared or considered using an online dating service to do it for the first time through Facebook.

According to eMarketer, the number of adults in the US using such online services and applications has reached 25 million in 2019. Facebook has not revealed how many users are already using Facebook in the 19 countries available before it launches in USA and Europe.

Facebook has assured that most Dating user data will be kept separate from Facebook and will not be shared with third parties such as advertising companies.

Source: CNN