Beware of these apps on Android- Which to delete

Applications that should be removed by those who have Android

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Mobile phones have now become an extension of the hand of many people, so care must be taken in their use, as malware not only poses a risk to the device, but also to use, as credit card codes, etc. can be stolen.

Experts in the field of technology have found that the majority of malicious programs that infect smartphones, are contained in applications that the user downloads, without knowing the existence of the electronic virus, which like another Trojan Horse is going to cause problems in the mobile phone.

So, they are paying close attention, while the technology page has gathered the basic applications that an Android user must definitely remove, an application that is very common on most mobile phones used in western countries.

Mobile phones can now be important tools in everyday life and offer many "unique" features, but this does not mean that they are invulnerable to malicious

The applications that should be removed by those who have Android, are the following:

Document Manager
Coin track Loan - Online loan
Cool Caller Screen
PSD Auth Protector
RGB Emoji Keyboard
Camera Translator Pro

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It has also been found that these applications also have malware:

  • Fast PDF Scanner
  • Air Balloon Wallpaper
  • Colorful Messenger
  • Thug Photo Editor
  • Anime Wallpapers
  • Peace SMS
  • Happy Photo Collage
  • Original Messenger
  • Pellet Messages
  • Smart Keyboard
  • Special Photo Editor
  • 4K Wallpapers