Facebook has deleted 3,2 billion accounts: Fake users, child pornography and racism

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More than 18,5 million child pornography accounts - Over 11,4 million accounts and 50% increase over the previous 6 months, for racism and hate speech

Is Facebook a safe place to let our kids "surf" uncontrollably 24 hours a day? The answer is clear. No. Why; Because it is proved by the very data published by the huge company of Mark Zuckerberg. While we must acknowledge its efforts to uphold the rules and protect its users, Facebook is an uncontrollable field of action for pedophiles, abnormalists, racists and all sorts of outlaws. A fake account can run for months before being detected.

The data provided by Facebook itself is indicative. In its honor, the company deleted 3,2 billion accounts from April to September this year. Administrators considered the accounts to be fake or for other purposes.

Political propaganda is not the only one that can provoke a system of manipulation through the frenzy that prevails worldwide on social media. Perhaps, compared to the rest, it is the least bad.

That's because, according to leaked data, more than 18,5 million accounts with child pornography and other sexually explicit posts have been identified and "deleted." The number is huge, considering how much time a teenager spends - even in our country - in order to browse social media and especially Facebook.

But it's not just sexual offenses and anomalies. During the same period (April-September), more than 11,4 million accounts were deleted due to hate speech and especially racism. The increase compared to the data of the last six months was more than 50%, which may reflect a more general trend in the world. If this observation is confirmed, it will be another resounding bell for the course that the world has begun to take.

Source: reporter