30 things we did not know until yesterday about Evelina Papoulias


Evelina Papoulia was yesterday at Alpha Cyprus and we did not miss the opportunity to steal her for a while and ask her 2-3 questions (okay, maybe there were more) to get to know her a little better. Let's see who Evelina Papoulia is, not through the roles and the lights, but as a person. We asked her the simplest and everyday and we saw how Evelina is as a mom, as a woman and not Evelina the famous actress.

I "received" her shortly after she left the studio and explained to her exactly what I wanted. Although she had very little time at her disposal, and a flight to catch up, she did not refuse. Our small talk took place in the living room at the entrance of the station, next to the Christmas tree. Every time I asked her she wrapped her cigarette and the smile was permanently on her lips.

And somehow we learned 30 things we did not know until today about Evelina Papoulias. If you asked me what I hold from this meeting with her, it is her friendly attitude and the great weakness she has in Aphrodite's daughter, that one can distinguish her directly…

What I mean; Read and you will understand!




So these are the 30 things we did not know until yesterday about Evelina Papoulias:

  1. My favorite color is κόκκινο red. But also blue. I have two favorite colors too! 
  2. My favorite food is μισ stuffed tomatoes.
  3. I really enjoy…. when I'm with my daughter.
  4. I get very upset when…. the other is vicious.
  5. I hate… mice.
  6. I would love to travel.
  7. I adore…. my daughter!
  8. I do not tolerate at all; well now I tolerate everything, that was the first and most spontaneous answer. However, when he thought about it for a while, he responded with malice.
  9. Something I miss is…. my daughter!
  10. I wish I could πιο travel to England more often to see her! he told me laughing!
  11. I'm jealous when… I do not know if I'm jealous. This question was very difficult for her, we left it and came back at the end.
  12. Exercise relaxes me a lot;
  13. I could not live without… (and here it was a little difficult). "I know, without clothes" she answers me, while at that time I told her that the most beautiful answer they told me in the past was "without air". She really tells me excited, without air to write!
  14. Diplomacy alienates me.
  15. My sensitive point is. Lack of trust.
  16. My weakness is… that I do not see well, he told me laughing.
  17. The first thing I do every morning is καφέ drink coffee.
  18. The last thing I do before I go to bed is wash off.
  19. I do not stop thinking…. "I do not stop thinking" he repeated laughing!
  20. My worst habit…. the cigarette.
  21. One habit I would like to adopt is έχω to have more planning in my life.
  22. My biggest fear is… illness, do not get sick.
  23. My biggest flaw is… that I am hotheaded!
  24. My biggest asset is… that I am loving.
  25. The most beautiful gift I ever received is…. .a watch (well-known brand that of course does not make me mention, but we all understood!)
  26. My charm is…. a ring, a gift from my father when I gave birth to my daughter.
  27. The happiest day of my life was… when I gave birth!
  28. The most difficult moment of my life…. there are no difficult times. The difficulties are to overcome them.
  29. The "motto" of my life is…. while he thought about it for a while at first, he finally replied that at this time he does not have one.
  30. How do you see Evelina Papoulias in 5 years? I do not want to imagine it, I do not like to think about the future.