Anna Vissi: Revealed the reason for the separation with Nikos Karvelas

nikos karvelas 06 ANNA VISSI, NIKOS KARVELAS

Anna Vissi talked about the man of her life Nikos Karvelas, the reason that brought them away but also the love in her life

The Cypriot singer confessed

"If we had sex with Nikos, nothing would have changed!"

The most difficult period of my life was when I said "I ousted Karvelas".

"Fortunately I did, but unfortunately because I had nothing to do after I did."


Love approaches me as often as the men who forcibly carry it dare to approach me. It sounds like a germ, but it's kind of like that. It is a fact, for some reason that I suppose it starts from the myth of recognizability, that a natural "lightning rod" is created around me - according to the lightning rod "