The big name that will replace Babis Stokas has been revealed (PHOTO)

7087 pantelis pantelidis 18102013 ELLI KOKKINOU, Babis Stokas, Nea Famagusta, SAKIS ROUVAS

The collaboration between Babi Stoka and Saki Rouva is a thing of the past.

The audience decided that pop and art to this extent can not coexist with the result that Babis Stokas left just a week after the premiere.

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The gap, however, is large as a solution must be found immediately to replace him and an artist who will be able to stand next to Sakis Rouvas to regain the lost ground in the entertainment of Athens.


And this name was found…

The popular pop singer who has been tested in the paths of modern folk has already started rehearsals to be on stage in the coming days with Sakis, since she is the official replacement of Mr. Stokas.

And experimentation is over…