Ava Galanopoulou: "I used to go to and fro in hospitals and please die"

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Ava Galanopoulou describes the nightmare she experienced and how her court decision saved her life.

After the trial of her ex-partner, Ava Galanopoulou talks about everything in DownTown and Fani Platsatura. The actress, in a confessional mood, recounts what she experienced during these twelve years, but also the moments when she saw him in the courtroom.

"It was not the dream of my life to be without money, to feel all this betrayal, to hang my personal life on pegs, to look like a mountain to get out of bed even for cigarettes. I went through the dark darkness and today I am struggling to get back on my feet. I am drowning in the debts that this man has burdened me with. I'm so confused that I'm talking about money now as if it were napkins. Only in the word money do I get a panic attack. From 2012 onwards, I realized that something was wrong. I only heard excuses from this man: "I got a tire, my Mercedes broke, my daughter broke her leg, my mother got a cataract." I was worried about my money and he would tell me: “Are you afraid, darling, that I will eat you? Since I love you ". He even told me that he had made the money in Switzerland. Say stupid, silly, naive, frivolous, but I didn't know anything about economics like most artists.

"I would go in and out of hospitals and beg to die."

Even now I will not take back that I fell in love with him with passion. I never imagined that a woman in love would get to the point of living hell. If you told me a few years ago that I would go through all this, it would seem unthinkable. It is a miracle that I live today. And I'm literally saying that. At one point or another, my body collapsed, I was in and out of hospitals and begging to die. I did not have anorexia nervosa, as they wrote. I didn't want to live. I was thinking of ways to die. The court's decision kept me alive. It was the first breath in ten years. I did not want to believe that his crime was so organized, that he never fell in love with me, that he only approached me for money and betrayed me. It took me a long time to accept the truth and then I went through the stage of mourning that I don't know if it will ever go away. The day the verdict was handed down, then, was for many years the first beautiful day of my life.

"I saw my killer in court in front of me"

It was a terrible shock when I saw him in the room. Our eyes met and I felt like I wanted to get my life out of the way. I saw my killer in court, in front of me. And I saw him laughing with me, giggling and calling me a liar. I pray that the day will come when I will say, "Oh, it was a nightmare and it's over." I want every trace of them to leave me, I want to stand on my own two feet and come back to life. Yes, life is beautiful and I say that after all I've been through. I want to work and meet nice people. There are nice people, they are just a few. Of course I have become more cautious. My friends tell me to fall in love, how can I trust a man again? For now, it's unthinkable. My crime was that I fell in love and I paid dearly for it. I've always been a fan of la passion, I couldn't do it without it. On the other hand, maybe that saved me.

If I hadn't turned a blind eye to this life, if I hadn't done my crazy things, my travels, if I hadn't played the roles I loved, at the moment I wouldn't be living with everything that happened to me. I would have left this vain world. He never expected me to reach the end. I have suffered tremendous abuse, at all levels and to the extent of a felony. It was time to break my nerves, to have no more stamina and to say "I'm resigning". He heard me coming and going in the hospitals and he thought I would shake them. I believe in divine judgment, I also believe in purification, as it is defined in ancient tragedies. He has committed so many crimes against me. "

She now seems ready to return to work, and even when asked if she had any suggestions and if she studies them, the actress responds to Source: Realnews: "It simply came to our notice then. But you are open to others. I want nice roles to come in strong works. I want to be on stage again. I fell, I hit, but it's important to find the strength to get up again. And don't give up your weapons. I tell you again, I went into the trap for a while to surrender, enduring the pain I felt. Eventually, however, you will be upright and shorter and stronger. I love Ava and I will take care of her more. I emphasize this in your interview, because there are many who are worried about his adventure and have his anxiety. I won a victory, I have a chance in front of him, and the president of the court urged me to fight to get the remaining 400.000 euros that his former partner won, but I am moving forward and that is what matters. I already feel better and you are optimistic about the best to come. You know, the court's decision that acquitted you strengthened you and armed you with the courage to continue for what I want and love. "