Ioanna Tunis is furious: "I'll take out the baby you're beating, I don't care at all what you say"

"I don't have a woman to help me. Unfortunately, I don't even have my mother to help me"

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Through her Instagram account, Ioanna Tunithelse decided to put a stop to the comments she receives daily from followers and non-followers.

“Blah, blah, blah you started when I leave the child. Guys, I have the child with me all day. And the gym I went to, I have it with me next to me, I have the stroller, I have the bag, I have everything, diapers, baby wipes, sk@t@kia... I have everything with me. I don't have a wife to help me. Unfortunately, I don't even have my mom to help me, so these. I take the baby everywhere. What am I going to do; Shall I sit at home and cry my fate? I'm gonna take you out baby, I don't care what you say. That's all".

“Also some of you have no other scuttles in here, except that I leave my child? Nowhere! Dimitris' mom lives in Patras, I lost mine recently... and at this stage I don't want a woman to hold him for me! I have it with me all the time. Have you calmed down now?'