Mina Arnaouti's revealing interview about the fatal accident (VIDEO)

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H Mina Arnaouti gave a revealing interview to Antonis Schroeter and Alpha show "Autopsy" and spoke for the first time about a fatal accident that cost him his life Panteli Pantelidi.

21 months later Mina "broke" her silence and talked about everything. Her acquaintance with the favorite folk singer, the enigmatic moments in the word, the hours of the fatal accident and the next day.

In one sentence

It's time to dump her and move on. I have a court decision in my hands and I would like to be heard too, her confession began.

Her acquaintance with Pantelis…

I met him before he became famous, when he was still in the Navy, through an acquaintance of ours.

He was just my friend, there was nothing erotic. I did not see him regularly, I have lived in a more family atmosphere.

I did not know Froso when the accident happened, not even for a year. We met in a bar where we worked together on an island and Pantelis and his brother came there together.

The moments in the club…

Mina Arnaouti unfolded from the beginning the dark story of the accident and talked about the unknown moments she spent with Frosso and Pantelis in the club. Pantelis's lie, the excessive alcohol but also about the money that Pantelidis lost.

Among other things he said

When Pantelis told me "if you want to come there", he told me that we would go to a house that is my friend Tade, play some poker, laugh. I did not imagine that this might not be home. To be a club house. When I got there I realized that there was a lot of money at stake. That it was more professional. ”


I never saw money leave Pantelis χέρια… When I got out of the hospital, I went for coffee and met someone who was in the club, who told me that they did not intend to take money from Pantelis and that they were playing for fun.

He did not look drunk. If it showed I would not enter first because I had another bad experience with an accident.

He was a man who did what he wanted. He would not listen if I told him to take a taxi.

I did not sit with him all the time…. Many people gathered around him together. I did not watch him constantly.

I had drunk too. Alcohol was not so much to blame. I did not feel that he was a drunk man who could not drive. At least that was the feeling I had when I left home.

We left the house around 8. Pantelis wanted to sit down, he was joking, he was saying that the money he lost should be turned into flowers at his premiere. He did not seem to have drunk much and could not drive.




Traffic time τρο

Mina Arnaouti then narrated the moments of the accident, the path to the death of Pantelis and the moments before that

I was sitting behind Frosso. No one was wearing a belt. For the first time I got in the car that Pantelis was driving. I had never seen him as a driver. When we went to Glyfada, he ran a lot without being drunk.

Before the accident we did not talk to each other at all. Pantelis was driving, Froso checked some messages on her cell phone. I realized he was going for the wall. I had the feeling that  he couldn't control it. "


I told Pantelis not to run, from the beginning. It was still too early then, I do not know, that is, I saw him not drinking. At the time of the accident, he increased his speed again and I told him 'Panteli, do not run because I am afraid'. I saw that he did not understand what I was saying to him and I started to worry.

All she remembers was a scream from Frosso Kyriakou when she realized what was going to happen.


As for the first seconds after the collision

Frosso was trying to get out of here. I do not remember Pantelis. I was panicking and shouting for help, I do not remember feeling pain. I was on the asphalt and I was asking for water…. Later I shouted save Pantelis.

The difficult hours in the hospital and the attacks of the fans…

Mina talked about the difficult times in the hospital, where everyone wished she was dead and they were trying to stay alive

"I was in a panic, I felt threatened, I thought the doctors were someone who wanted to hurt me. I was very nervous, I was very dangerous to hurt myself. "I was tied up and immobilized and that scared me a lot more, as I could not even speak to call for help."

"I was told that I went and came, that for a long time I was talking to the angels, I was negotiating whether I would sit up or down. I was in a very lucky bed in the intensive care unit. Obviously in the intensive care unit the nurses have the lucky and the unlucky beds. I was at 10 the good. "


"I was told 'stay disabled… you killed him…', and I had to decide if I should rely on the fact of sadness, something I am very opposed to in my life or raise my stature and say 'here I am' and I will fight for it, but not by feeling sorry for myself '. I do not consider myself a person who should be pitied. I just went on with my life. "

Mina in a testimony of soul stated to Antonis Schroeter that

Θα I felt remorse that I experienced and not him…

The story sold a lot… Pantelis was very dear, they wanted their hero to be acquitted and I understand it is logical. I never went out to say that Pantelis is guilty. Mistakes are human because they can not accept that he made a people and unfortunately paid with his life.

The young girl was late to find out about the death of Pantelis since the doctors did not allow it so that her health would not deteriorate. She asked if the premiere took place and they said no due to a small accident by Pantelis. After a while her mother announced it with her trying to accept it devastated.

He then referred to the war he received from the Pantelidis family, to his mother, Athena, and to her complaint about his brother Pantelis

They have every right to seek to find the truth I thought as they sought the truth in public, I had to find a way to save my dignity too.



    "I do not feel any opposition, nor do I hold any grudges, but since Triantaphyllos wanted to know the truth, and now it has been revealed, I think he should have approached me and told me that 'I was wrong'. I would appreciate it very much there. "

I think I am very wronged by the Pantelis family. I do not have any controversy. All this search for the truth could be done at a slower pace to help me stand on my own two feet because I was too weak to accept a very big war…


They could say “Let all this stop and what it's like to appear in court and let this girl stand on his own two feet

I did not make unjust attacks on Pantelis' family. I was telling my own truth.


Finally, Mina Arnaouti stated that she will not take legal action against the family except for the insurance company.