The photo of Kapoutzidis from the old ones and the lottery of 120 million drachmas


The surprise that moved the judge of the show - Watch the video


On Sunday night, a surprise awaited George Kapoutzidis, when Amazing Dio & Elina appeared on the stage of "Greece has talent", in order to advance to the final.

At one point the magicians wrote on a board some numbers related to the number they presented.

The number that emerged was the one with which the family of George Kapoutzidis had won in the New Year lottery 120 million drachmas, when the actor was 15 years old.


Posts of that time appeared on the video walls, accompanied by a photo of George, who, not only was moved, but also stressed that he looked like κο Nikos Hatzinikolaou, because of the glasses he wore.

Watch the relevant excerpt in the following video: