Kylie Jenner dethroned – The woman with the most followers

And officially the singer moved to the fourth place on Instagram with 381 million followers

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Cristiano Ronaldo may be the undisputed king of Instagram with 550 million followers and a huge gap from the second place, which belongs to Lionel Messi with 432 million followers, however the situation in the following positions of the ranking is more fluid and so a significant change.

Going into details, Kylie Jenner has long been the queen of Instagram, being the woman with the most followers on the social network. Now, that title is changing hands after Selena Gomez beat out the American TV and internet personality, known for her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And officially the singer won the third position of Instagram with 381 million followers. Thus, she has now become the woman with the most followers on the social network, leaving Jenner in fourth place with 380 million followers.


Below you can see in detail the top ten of Instagram made up of footballers, actors, singers and other well-known personalities, while some more interesting statistics for the most popular accounts of the platform follow.

The ten Instagram users with the most followers:

Cristiano Ronaldo – 550 million
Lionel Messi – 432 million
Selena Gomez – 381 million
Kylie Jenner – 380 million
Dwayne Johnson – 365 million
Ariana Grande – 357 million
Kim Kardashian – 346 million
Beyoncé – 297 million
Khloé Kardashian – 295 million
Justin Bieber – 278 million