Lily Collins explains why COVID-19 is not in the series 'Emily in Paris'

The producers of the Netflix series "Emily in Paris" have decided that COVID-19 is not in order

DSC 0379 19 Covid-19, Emily in Paris

The producers of the Netflix series "Emily in Paris" have decided that COVID-19 does not exist in the wonderful - and very modern - life in the City of Light.

Season 1 allowed us an escape when it was revealed and it seemed to be something that had to go on - not to deal with it (the pandemic) said the protagonist Lily Collins at the premiere of the second cycle, which took place two days ago at the West Hollywood Hotel Edition noting that the series "brings a sense of escape and joy and laughter to a time when we need them most."

Apparently, the shooting during the pandemic was done with obstacles. As the actress explained, the shooting took place in a city that is very densely populated, where people wear masks, but the series presents a world in which there is no COVID-19.

"There were times when filming started and I said, 'Wait, 50% of the people on stage are still wearing masks,'" he said. Tony nominee playwright Jeremy O. Harris has joined the cast as an eccentric fashion designer.

The creator of the series, Darren Starr, called him and submitted the proposal. "I started as an actress," Harris told Variety. "One of the reasons I stopped playing and started writing was because I felt there were no roles I wanted to play. I preferred to write my own. "But in the end someone wrote a role that was, this is exactly the person I would like to be," he stressed.