Ioanna Tunis: Sings Olympiacos slogan to her son - Watch video

"Cradle Olympian" Dimitris Alexandrou can be heard saying in the clip

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Ioanna Tounis and Dimitris Alexandrou shared yet another video with their few-month-old son on social media.

The couple often show their followers on Instagram, snapshots of their new everyday life, after the arrival of their first child.

On the morning of Friday, February 17, Dimirtis Alexandrou captured his partner singing with the baby in her arms. As it seems, the model is trying to "introduce" his son to his favorite team from now on and had Ioanna Tunis sing him the well-known slogan of the red and white team, "You're in the mind, something magical".

She, holding the baby in her arms, said the lyrics laughing and when she made a mistake, her partner made a remark to her, with her replying: "It's okay, slowly".

"We have to teach the little one properly, Olympiacos from the cradle" Dimitris Alexandrou answered her.

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