Konstantinos Vassalos - Evridiki Valavani: They are a couple… - All the details


Konstantinos Vassalos and Evridiki Valavani are a couple. STOP

We had all seen the chemistry, the flirtation from the survival reality, the close company in Athens, the trips to Mykonos and Santorini…. like penguins in love and to some extent we had "trimmed" it and considered it for sure.

Although they themselves do not reveal anything and try to keep their relationship secret, the news that they are together and keep it secret is doing the rounds on the internet. A person from their friendly environment "chanted" and now we are waiting for confirmation.


Eurydice has already divorced as soon as she returned from Survivor and after the chemistry she felt with Konstantinos. She herself had stated

"I broke up with the child I was with before the game! "I'm fine with myself, though."

The newspaper Real and the "mouths" of Valavani's friends revealed the event and commented

 "Eurydice has been close to Constantine since she was in the game. He was the only one who made her feel intimate! "After the game, they came even closer, because they have a lot in common and above all they are united by their love for sports!"