Konstantina Michael states that she is tired of journalists

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Konstantina Michael is an actress who has been loved by the public through her roles all these years in the successful Greek series in which she participated.

Today we see her as "Lucy" in a challenging role, in ALPHA's new black comedy "Red Wedding Dress". She plays a dynamic woman who knows what is happening to her and has conquered her life with her personal choices.

She seems to have several similarities with "Lucy" in terms of the dynamism of her character. She is an independent woman, who knows what she wants, has made her choices and says them freely.

As she has mentioned many times in the past, she is not one of the women whose marriage, family and children were never in her choices. However, today she was a guest on the show "Happy Day" and in a conversation she had with Stamatina Tsimtsili, who raised the issue again, confessed that she was more tired of the journalists all these years who repeatedly ask her why she does not have a family, despite her parents and her own people.

"I have been explaining to you for many years that we humans are not just separated into parents. We are divided into parents, careerists, with other interests. I want to say that this cliché of marriage and the society in marriage or the children, is not for everyone ".

She added that her decision is not a simple decision she made in one day. It emerged after much thought and over many years, and now she declares she is fully aware of it all. However, she clarified that the fact that she does not want to have a family does not mean that she does not want a partner in her life.

Watch everything he said in the video below:


Source: AlphaNews.live