Mad Clip - Photo of the trapper from the morgue is circulating on social media

In the last few hours, social media users have leaked an unprosecuted move, leaking a photo of Mad Clip from the morgue.

mad clip Mad Clip, Photo

In various group conversations, this shocking image appears with many users being left speechless and leaving the conversation.

Mad Clip lost his life on September 2 when he lost control of the car he was driving and crashed into a pillar.

The shocking moment with the famous trapper in the morgue reached the hands of youtuber Alexandros Kopsialis who became furious.

He made an angry post on Instagram saying: "Just to know… It 's embarrassing and cowardly to take a picture of a dead man lying in the morgue, just to play it cool, sending it in group (conversations), because it was famous! Just to know, you are the greatest m @@@ kas! And I will be glad to find you. Bine, e bine! "

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kopsialis 400x600 1 Mad Clip, Photo