Mad Clip: The trapper's toxicological tests are in the public domain - How much did he drink on the fateful night?

Shocking confession of Dj Antonis Dimitriadis

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New facts come to light about the deadly car accident that cost Mad Clip his life.

Two months after the fateful night, the results of the toxicological tests come to light. In fact, as revealed by MEGA, these showed that the percentage of alcohol in his blood was 0,9% with a limit of 0,5%.

This means that the trapper drank about three drinks at the wedding he was invited to.

The tests also showed that he had not taken any other substance.

Shocking description by Antonis Dimitriadis

Dj Antonis Dimitriadis, presenter of MEGA STAR, made -a few days ago- a shocking confession about the fatal night that Mad Clip lost his life.

Speaking to Giannis Poulopoulos and the magazine OK !, the trapper's friend confessed that he was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the accident.

Antonis, you were at the wedding to which Mad Clip was invited on the fateful night.

Mad Clip and I were not close, but we had mutual respect. We had met at the Mad Awards and he was about to come to the Mega Star this year. That night we happened to be at the same wedding. It was not a frantic party. It was a wedding dinner where we had a good time and in the evening we left. I was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the accident.

Did you understand that Mad Clip was in the car?

Yes, because most of us knew what a car was. Even young children who did not know him personally and happened to be at the spot at the time realized he was Mad Clip because they knew his license plate. We all stayed for two and a half hours watching the firefighters try to free him. It was a shock to all of us. Think that ten minutes before he was at the wedding and then we saw him unconscious at the scene of the accident. The men, who are cooler, held the women a little further back and hoped for a miracle.