Mina Arnaouti: "I felt threatened - I thought the doctors wanted to hurt me"

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Mina Arnaouti was invited to Antonis Schroeter's show "Autopsy" and gave a revealing interview 21 months after the fatal accident.

The interview will be shown on Wednesday, however you can read some of her answers giving her own perspective on the issue.

How the fatal accident happened:

"I told Pantelis not to run, from the beginning. It was still too early then, I do not know, that is, I saw him not drinking. At the time of the accident, he increased his speed again and I told him 'Panteli, do not run because I am afraid'. "I saw that he did not understand what I was saying to him and I started to worry."

 The five nightmarish months in "Evangelismos":

"I was in a panic, I felt threatened, I thought the doctors were someone who wanted to hurt me. I was very nervous, I was very dangerous to hurt myself. "I was tied up and immobilized and that scared me a lot more, as I could not even speak to call for help."


How close he got to death:

"I was told that I went and came, that for a long time I was talking to the angels, I was negotiating whether I would sit up or down. I was in a very lucky bed in the intensive care unit. Obviously in the intensive care unit the nurses have the lucky and the unlucky beds. I was at 10 the good. "

The comments and attacks he received:

"I was told 'stay disabled… you killed him…', and I had to decide if I should rely on the fact of sadness, something I am very opposed to in my life or raise my stature and say 'here I am' and I will fight for it, but not by feeling sorry for myself '. I do not consider myself a person who should be pitied. I just went on with my life. "


The lawsuit against her by the Pantelidis family:

"If the prosecutor decides that this money should be tried and taken, I have absolutely no problem and I am very proud that I said what I said. I was interested in my dignity and not the money. "If I was interested in money, I would never talk."

Her complaint from his brother Pantelis:

"I do not feel any opposition, nor do I hold any grudges, but since Triantaphyllos wanted to know the truth, and now it has been revealed, I think he should approach me and tell me that 'I was wrong'. I would appreciate that very much. "

If he has regretted any of the comments he posted on social media:

"It simply came to our notice then. I think I accepted a very big war and just defended myself. I believe that the truth was proved by the above with the prosecutor's decision, so I was not lying somewhere ".

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