Natasa Theodoridou: "I'm natural, I haven't had plastic surgery and anyone who doesn't see that is a fool"

On the occasion of the start of her appearances on the Piraeus Coast on October 21, Natasha Theodoridou spoke on the show

natasa theodoridoy eimai fysiki den echo kanei plastikes kai opoios den to vlepei einai anoitos NATASA THEODORIDOU
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On the occasion of the start of her performances on the Piraeus Coast on October 21, the Natasha Theodoridou he spoke on the show "Mega Kalimera" and Kostas Tsouros.

The singer addressed her daughters, her ex-husbands and the rumors that she has had plastic surgery.

"My daughter is 28 years old, she had a painting exhibition in Mykonos and I met my ex-husband. Her father and I were the happiest parents. I'm on good terms with my ex-husbands, why not? If there is a communication light, yes. Civilization. And with Andrea Fustanos, of course, the same good relationship, very good, we are friends, two civilized people who communicate", said Natasha Theodoridou while adding that she has a very good relationship with her daughters.

"My daughters know my loves. If they are good children we get along, if they are not happy I take the law into my own hands."


Natasa Theodoridou: "Because I married Andreas, they believe that I sat on the operating bed for many hours"

About the cosmetic procedures who charge them from time to time, Natasa Theodoridou said:

“Because I once married Andrea they want to believe that I sat on the operating bed for too many hours of my life, every day I had nothing else to do. Up to a point I understand it as nonsense. I don't mind nonsense. If someone sees me and considers my natural maturity as another, I cannot explain the obvious to them and it is none of my business. I think he's a fool.

The comment when it is malicious does not concern me at all, I delete it and block it. Since you don't like seeing me, I help you an hour earlier."


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