George Kapoutzidis talks about the loss of his beloved Balia


George Kapoutzidis is one of the most talented and beloved faces of Greek television.  He has been loved by the audience, both through his roles and his successful series, but also because of his lovable and approachable character. He has proven many times that he is a person with many principles and deep sensibilities.

Such a person, therefore, could not but be an animal lover. He even revealed in an interview with People magazine that his beloved cat, Balia, who was twelve years old and with whom he shared most of his free time, recently died. 

"Unfortunately, Balia died a few days ago. He had a form of leukemia and it is a sad time for me. I miss him so much, we were together for twelve years. He has been in the vet for the last three days. In fact, she cooled down the moment she looked at me and I caressed her head. The love you give and receive from animals is very nice. If a stray animal is found on my way, yes, I will adopt it. "But not to fill her gap," said George Kapoutzidis.

He posted on his personal Instagram account a moving video with the most beautiful moments he had with his favorite kitten:

The talented actor and presenter spent many hours with her, as she was the one who waited for him every day when he returned home after work, while at every opportunity they posed together.