Pantelis Thalassinos kneads bread and coagulates cheese


In an interview given to Kyriakatiki Eleftheria, the renowned singer Pantelis Thalassinos, among other things, revealed what else he does in his life besides compositions.

As he stated, the ceremonies for a couple of years he has been making bread and cheese.

"For a couple of years now, I have been making bread and cheese. I'm curious, I want to see for example how something is made, how the bun is made, the bun. I had a friend, a baker from Crete, an amateur musician and composer, who taught me the secrets of bread. Until a while ago, when the good flour wormed me, I kneaded once a week. With Skoulas I learned how to make cheese ".

The artist in the question "What is the best moment of creation, and what is his own mental status when he writes lyrics" said:

Music wants peace. Don't be too influenced by your daily routine. The same goes for the lyrics. The lyrics want influences, to be in a strong emotional charge. Sadness and joy, Both. But mostly a pity, because when you are well you go outoh

The Greek distributor also answered what is happening with AEPI and the rights of artists, saying:

"When all the great composers left, we had to go too. Before all this broke out with AEPI, I had left and I had gone to self-management, to our union in EMSE. And we are fine there. He is also a collector of rights. Thus, I am no longer dependent on AEPI, as it does not manage my rights. I have made my own personal company and I have been doing the songs myself for six or seven years. If you do what you can put in your pocket. But the rights remain with me. "