Orestis Tziovas: He revealed how people react when they see him serve

"It is unfair and ugly for someone not to be able to make a living from his job"

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Orestis Tziovas gave an exclusive interview to "MEGA Kalimera". The beloved actor talked about financial difficulties, his second job as a waiter and harshly criticized reality shows.

"It was a very difficult time. Especially for the artistic space where our wings were completely cut off with a meager allowance. "It was very difficult financially.", He initially said about how he experienced the quarantine period and added:

"Many times I have done something else in parallel with acting. I have had to work in the restaurant, when there was a need ".

"It bothers me to deal with my personal life"
The actor then revealed the reactions of the people when they see him in the store. "People who see me serving are surprised and I find it sad. "It is unfair and ugly for someone not to be able to make a living from his job," he noted.

As for his personal life and his relationship with journalists, he stressed: "It bothers me that they deal with my personal life because it parallels disgusting shows like Big Brother and The Bachelor. We should not care about people's personal lives "

"I have experienced bad behavior at work"
"Of course I flirt through social media, but there must be a perception," he said.

Finally, he made a special mention of the #metoo movement, saying: "What happened after #metoo was inevitable. But there are many other jobs that people do not have a step and still can not talk and I do not know if they will ever be able to. "I have experienced bad behavior in my workplace."