Grief for Andreou Georgiou – His grandmother "passed away".

His post is heartbreaking

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Andreas Georgiou is faced with the loss of his beloved grandmother.

The beloved Cypriot artist disclosed the unpleasant fact through his personal Facebook account on the evening of Sunday, November 6 with an admittedly heartbreaking post.

"She was the first word I said 'grandma'.. she was the woman who taught me to fight, to survive, to be strong... a person who was ALWAYS there, a rock.. all the important moments of my life since I was a baby are accompanied by this figure, the figure who taught me to respect and have dignity! He was my little friend, my man.

The man who took care of her daughter, my mother, in the serious illness of AIDS, and at the same time that she closed her eyes on her deathbed, held all four of us, me and my three brothers, in her arms, and kept telling us, this is how we will stay, united! And he succeeded. She stood strong against racism and taught us to look people in the eye to forgive and understand them.. "in their place we might have done the same" she said.. I admired her, I adored her and I could never have imagined that she would come this time... "the time will come when I will leave" she told me and I didn't let her continue this conversation, I didn't accept it, I didn't imagine it... "ma en jai Enna I live with the mountains" she told me laughing. Well done my queen! Well done to you for everything... we managed everything... you will always be our leader", Andreas Georgiou characteristically wrote.

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