What should Survivor players do today?

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For 5 whole months, they were the people we had in our house every day. Their survival became our entertainment. With the "fighters" becoming famous, and the celebrities becoming the most talked about people of the time.

But what are Survivor players doing today?

The Cup of Joy team found them and talked to them, individually. Did they learn what they are doing today and what their future plans are?

And well, we see Dano, Laura and Vassal… What are the others doing?  

Who writes his own book (and he is not one!)?

Who is preparing to become a producer in a reality show? 

Who makes a comeback with their own TV show?

Who decided to stay out of the limelight?

Who continues from where he left off as if nothing ever happened?

And who ultimately cooperates with each other, joining forces? 

All the answers in the video below:


Source: AlphaNews.live