This milk is going to become the top trend for 2022

The market for alternative dairy products will double

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Potato milk: the perfect alternative?

Potato milk will be one of the hottest food trends of 2022, according to the Waitrose supermarket.

According to the latest Food and Beverage Fair in England, we may all be ordering latte with potato milk… as strange as it may seem.

The report, which surveyed 2.000 British consumers, also points out that the market for alternative dairy products could almost double in the next five years.

But while buyers tend to prefer oats, coconut and almond alternatives to dairy, potatoes are now in play.

Explains that increased dairy allergies and environmental concerns have led more buyers to turn to herbal choices, with research by Mintel also revealing that buyers spent a total of 394 2020 million on vegetable milk in the UK in 32. 2019% from XNUMX.

Alice Shrubsall from the Waitrose chain said that it will soon be on the shelves of Waitrose in February 2022 to meet customer demand.

"We have seen the popularity of soy, almond, oat and pea milk in recent years. Now it's the turn of potato milk. "Low in sugar and saturated fat, it is going to dominate coffee menus in the coming months," adds Shrubsall.