Science has spoken: Eat ice cream, it's healthier than a bagel

Research: Ice cream is healthier than a multi-seeded bagel!

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Have a bowl of ice cream with no regrets. Research shows that it is even healthier than a multi-seeded bagel.

Every summer – and not only – ice cream has its due. An afternoon stroll or a hot day at the beach goes perfectly with a cone of our favorite flavor. However, when we pay attention to our diet, we fear that the calories of our favorite pleasure will be many.

A new investigation comes to banish our regrets. According to the study from Tufts University in Massachusetts, ice cream is the healthiest choice. Even healthier than a multi-grain bagel and other foods like salty crackers. In the research, experts at the School of Food Science and Policy at Tufts developed a "Food Compass." According to her, they can rank any type of food from 1 to 100 based on nutritional value. The higher the number, the healthier the food.

Specifically, an ice cream cone with nuts and chocolate ice cream received a score of 37. On the other hand, a multi-seeded raisin bagel received a 19 and the saltine cracker a 7.

Surprisingly, while a whole wheat French toast scored 37, corn chips scored higher, with 55 points. On the other hand, the cappuccino with low-fat milk was rated 69.