With these tricks, you will always choose a delicious watermelon

Tight, cool and not candied watermelon

pexels photo 4965566 Watermelon, bay, peel

In summer we all long for its coolness, mild taste and crimson color.

But what is the secret to choosing the reddest, sweetest and most fragrant watermelon?

Read all the features that your watermelon should have before you go for weighing:

Right weight

There is no magic number. The right watermelon is just heavy enough for its size.

Smooth face

It should be tight, without bumps, cuts or various black spots, and it should have a symmetrical shape. The more ripe the watermelon, the deeper the green color of its skin.

Yellow sign

All watermelons have a mark ("souvenir" from where they rested on the ground) at the bottom. If it is white or green, the watermelon is unripe. If it is yellowish, it deserves a place in your fridge!

 Green stalk

Its stalk must necessarily be green. If it is dry, then it means that it was left for many days in the warehouse of the producer or supplier and therefore it is not very fresh.

"Good" sound

If the watermelon is juicy and delicious, when you tap it lightly in the middle, a deep, low-pitched sound should be heard. But if its sound is short and sharp, then -sorry but- it is very raw!

Generally, we prefer to get watermelons that are in a shady and cool place and not those that have been exposed to the sun for hours.