Until what age will you feed your child? The pediatrician answers

It is the great complaint of many parents regarding their young child, something that can often lead them to a state of despair.

mother feeding her baby boy with spoon

Many parents complain that their children are miserable and capricious with their food, which leads to quarrels and tensions at the family table. Children may refuse to eat certain foods, such as vegetables, or want to eat only certain foods, such as french fries.

Also, some children, wanting to spend their own, may not eat at the right time or even not sit at the dining table, but walk around the house. Have you reached your limits trying to persuade your miserable child to eat his food?

Posted by the pediatrician Kyriakos Doulgeris takes a stand on his diet child and explains to parents how to handle such a situation as mentioned above.

The pediatrician's post

"Please, eat another bite!"

"You will not eat sweets if you do not finish your meal!"

"You can not live only with spaghetti!"

"Well done, you are perfect! You ate all your food… »

Are you in the phase where every bite gives you hope and every piece of food left on your plate is stressful? Does the duration of your meals seem endless? Are you still feeding your 3 year old why do you think he will not eat without help?

The stress with which we fill the food process and the pressure we exert on the child to eat more, usually has the opposite effect of what is desired. To be precise, it energizes and derails the whole process of learning "how to eat".

The process of eating should be experienced by the child as a normal daily process without emotional charge.

Above all, the child needs opportunities and time to learn to eat on his own.


• Less talk about how much he eats - more about the big events of his day.

• Less focus on how necessary vegetables are - more freedom for children to eat as much as they think they need.

• Less preoccupation with what they eat - more jokes and more fun eating time.

• Less stress on food means more autonomy for the child to try and explore food.

Helpful tip: do not offer more and more milk when your toddler is not eating well. It causes him a feeling of satiety and so he does not eat, so the vicious cycle continues.