Eleni Foureira for Eurovision: I was very nervous, it was like I was doing it for the first time

He stole the show on the Eurovision stage in the First Semi-Final

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Eleni Foureira returned to Greece on the evening of Wednesday, May 8, after her performance that stole the show on the Eurovision stage in the First Semi-Final.

The singer, adored by audiences and critics and even the BBC, made statements to the television cameras that greeted her at the airport, showing her support for Marina Satti, talking about her feelings and the possibility of joining the musician for a second time competition in the future.

Regarding her experience and her feelings, Eleni Foureira said: "It was all so intense. It's great to be back on the Eurovision stage after so long. So much has changed in my life since then. I am very happy, memories from 2018 come to me, I was very nervous, it was like I was doing it for the first time...".

Regarding the scarf she used as part of the choreography, which she modeled on the scarf used by Marina Satti, the pop star commented: "We didn't have a scarf in the choreography, we had found a certain fabric, it was flames, this choreography has been sent months before, as did Marina. As soon as I saw her we said it to each other and laughed. But, take it as a prop to Marina. Let's go Marinara, tear up."

Then she revealed the pajama party she had with Elena Paparizou and her meeting with Marina Satti in Sweden: “It's really nice that we love and support each other. Elena Paparizou and I had a pajama party the night before. We sat together until 4 in the morning... And I said to her: "My bad luck tomorrow I will be sleepless, I won't be able to do it" and she says: "You will be able to". When I arrived I really wanted to see Marina, and I had learned that she was in another hotel, but I was lucky that as soon as I arrived she was outside my own hotel and in order to catch up with her, I shouted, "Marinaaaaa"...".

In addition, the singer said about this year's representative of Greece: "She is stressed. But it's wonderful that you and the world support her. He is very happy about this support. She is amazing, she will do very well and the focus we have to do is on her tomorrow... I tell her: "You have the support of the whole of Greece, we all love you, we believe in you, tear it up and enjoy it" and I believe she will do it.

Regarding the representative of Cyprus, 17-year-old Silia Kapsis, Eleni Foureira noted: "Silia is 17 years old. When I was her age, I didn't even do half as much, it's like I just ate all day and didn't do any of the things she does. I was sure she would pass, she deserved to pass" he commented at another point about the representative of Cyprus in the music competition".

She also spoke about her son after a related question: "My son was sleeping at that time, but even if he saw me, what would he remember? He is still very young. I can't wait to see him, it's the first time I've seen him in four days and I've missed him."

Finally, to a question about whether she would accept to represent our country at Eurovision, Eleni Foureira answered: "It would be a great honor for me to be offered to represent Greece, but I don't know if I would go again. To go again, it would have to be with the song of the 20th year, at least if I were to go again."

Source: protothema.gr