Eurovision 2024: The reaction of Marina Satti when the representative of Israel gives a press conference (VIDEO)

The video has been widely commented on on social media

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A video showing Marina Satti yawning while being interviewed by Israel's Eurovision representative is making the rounds on the internet.

Shortly after the presentation of all the entries, the representatives of the countries that managed to qualify, made some statements to the journalists.

When it was the turn of Eden Golan, who represented Israel with the song "Hurricane" and the reporter asked her the first questions, the camera showed Marina Satti.

Watch the video:

The singer appears to be yawning, at that point, while lowering her head and pretending to sleep.

It is not clear if this move is done on purpose, in order to show its attitude towards Israel, because of the attacks in Gaza.

However, this seems to be the opinion of Eurovision fans, who expressed their opinion on Twitter, some supporting the Greek artist and others writing that music unites and she should not react like this.