Eurovision 2024: Where will Greece appear tonight with Marina Satti – The favorites for the Second Semi-Final

Greece is competing on the stage of Eurovision 2024 tonight, Thursday

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Greece is competing on the Eurovision 2024 stage tonight, Thursday, May 9, with Marina Satti and the song "Zari".

The well-known singer, after intensive rehearsals and her stay in Malmö, Sweden, is preparing to give her best by claiming the ticket for the grand final of Eurovision 2024 on the evening of Saturday, May 11.

The artistic direction of Marina Satti's appearance on the Eurovision stage has been undertaken by Fokas Evangelinos, the choreography and movement direction by Mecnun Giasar (Majnoon), while the art direction by NMR. Four dancers will accompany Marina Satti during her performance on the Malmö Arena stage.

Let's remember that Cyprus with Silia Kapsis and the song "Liar" participated in the 1st Semifinal where they managed to qualify for the final.

Eurovision 2024 – Second Semi-Final

A total of 16 countries will compete tonight in the 3nd Semi-Final with Greece and Marina Satti taking part in the XNUMXrd place in order of appearances of the countries.

The display positions of the 16 countries in detail:

1, Malta / Sarah Bonnici – Loop
2. Albania / BESA – TITAN
3.Greece / Marina Satti – ZARI
4.Switzerland / Nemo – The Code
5.Czech Republic / Aiko – Pedestal
6. Austria / Kaleen – We Will Rave
7. Denmark / SABA – SAND
8.Armenia / LADANIVA – Jako
9. Latvia / Dons – Hollow
10. San Marino / MEGARA – 11:11
11.Georgia / Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter
12. Belgium / Mustii – Before The Party's Over
13. Estonia / 5MIINUST x Puuluup – (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) something
14. Israel / Eden Golan – Hurricane
15. Norway / Gåte – Ulveham
16. Netherlands / Joost Klein – Europapa

Eurovision 2024 – The big favorites of the Second Semi-Final

In tonight's Semi-Final the two big favorites are Switzerland and the Netherlands. In the last hours of betting for Eurovision 2024 and for the night of the grand final, Greece is in 9th to 10th place, while Croatia and Switzerland are the absolute favorites for the first victory.

Switzerland / Nemo – The Code:

Netherlands / Joost Klein – Europapa: