Eurovision: Which country might not take part in the music contest again?

Although it is very early to announce something like that

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The most awkward moment of last night's - highly episodic - Eurovision was the moment when the scores of the country's committees had to be announced to the participants.

Given the disqualification of Joost Klein who was accused of threatening a member of the production and the Netherlands' refusal to announce the scores following this development, the scores were announced by EBU president Martin Österdahl.

It should be noted that Martin Österdahl, with the background of the Netherlands' exclusion on the one hand and the reactions to Israel's participation in the competition on the other, has heard a lot of... jeering in the last few days while he was at the Malmo Arena.

The refusal of the Netherlands to announce the scores of the committees will not have any consequences for the country in its next participation in Eurovision.

According to the same report, however, Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS' contract with the EBU expires this year and they are considering not renewing it. This means that the Netherlands may withdraw from the Eurovision contest, according to SKAI.

Although it is particularly early for the Netherlands to announce such a thing, it has become clear since last night that the country of Joost Klein is furious with the way the artist has been treated.

In fact, according to what was reported on the "Hello" program of SKAI on Sunday morning (12/05), while the protocol requires the president of the EBU during the press conference of the Eurovision winner, to deliver the envelope with the results, he didn't show up. The delivery of the envelope to Nemo, which won Eurovision, was made by the president of the Reference Group of the EBU.