Eurovision: Marina Satti's "Zari" in the final on Saturday - The best moments in the second semi-final

The Greek singer confirmed the predictions with an impressive appearance

Screenshot 7 5 Eurovision, Marina Satti

Marina Satti confirmed the predictions and with an impressive performance qualified for the Eurovision final, while Elena Paparizou took us back 19 years, to the top of the competition.

For some generations, certainly older, it is difficult to distinguish Eurovision songs. Everything is similar, everything seems somehow familiar and hardly anything makes a special impression. And this moment comes from the past and turns everything around. Because the appearance of Elena Paparizou, in last night's Second Semi-Final of Eurovision, was really impressive, moving and traveled many thousands of viewers to years when the institution was different and certainly to a year, 19 years ago, when most people poured into the streets celebrating a first expected and with a song that still vibrates emotionally. "You are the one, you are my number one" and Paparizou becomes our Elena again and the mind, after crises, pandemics and darker periods, re-emerges in the light of an ephemeral joy but which will always be the ticket to a time capsule that you enter with your eyes closed and you come out looking up.

In addition to Elena Paparizou, an act was performed by Sertab, who represented Turkey in the contest in 2003, and Charlotte Perelli, who appeared on the Eurovision stage for Sweden 1999.

Returning to today, all eyes were on Marina Satti's qualification with "Zari" who rolled and reached his goal. Despite the difficulties with the Greek singer's illness, the high fever and the difficulty in the voice, everything went well.


And surely, having overcome what she faced yesterday, tomorrow Marina will overcome stress and illness and will be even better. A girl who shut her ears to criticism and comments and devoted herself to her goal from the first day of the song's presentation to the public, who lost her father but mourned discreetly and out of sight, a woman who mocked herself, didn't change, didn't he relented and insisted on what he had in mind from the first. Admirable, bright and full of energy.

Apart from "Zari" the other nine songs that qualified were:
Latvia / Dons – Hollow
Austria / Kaleen – We Will Rave
Netherlands / Joost Klein – Europapa
Norway / Gåte – Ulveham
Israel / Eden Golan – Hurricane
Estonia / 5MIINUST x Puuluup – (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) something
Switzerland Nemo – The Code
Armenia / LADANIVA – Jako
Georgia / Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter

It was a good night, with better and livelier songs compared to Tuesday's, with a lot of humor and without too much, as the Swedes are probably saving themselves for the night of the grand final on Saturday.

In ours, the presenting duo of Thanasis Alevras and Jerome Kalouta were clearly better, more well-read, with strong communication skills, which was missing on Tuesday, and with honorable efforts they managed to change the image. They partially succeeded of course but once again we felt that they might as well be counting down in order to finish what happened to them and not repeat it next year. There wasn't a single bit of information beyond what was written on paper, any jokes, which at one point seemed to be made on purpose, had extra-Eurovision references and the viewer never felt that the two he was listening to knew more and better than him what stands for Eurovision. In fact, if some people saw the wonderful video of Giorgos Kapoutzidis and Maria Kozakos on tik tok a few hours before the Semi-Final, then they would surely think about what we had, what we lost and what happened to us. See you in the Grand Final on Saturday night.