Gal Gadot threatens to leave Wonder Woman cast if Warner Bros. does not fire Brett Ratner

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Not only is she as a Wonder Woman tough and unwavering in her values, so is her personal life. The reason for Gal Gadot who, according to a post by, gave an ultimatum to production company Warner Bros. that if it does not fire producer and director Brett Ratner from the superhero sequel, then it simply will not participate in it.

The reason; Ratner has been embroiled in a flurry of sex scandals that have erupted in Hollywood lately, starting with him. Gadot, according to a source on page six, knows that people like Ratner are in pain when you hit them in the wallet and that Warner Bros. can only take its side in this case, as it can not support anyone accused. for sexual harassment against women and even let him fund a film bearing her signature.

So far, however, there has been no official comment from either Gadot or Ratner.


Source: HuffPost