Victoria Beckham ate pizza for the first time in 20 years

"This is love", one could say about Victoria Beckham, who for the sake of her husband ate

beckham pizza

"This is love," one could say of Victoria Beckham, who ate pizza for her husband. You will wonder where the strange, but the famous businesswoman and once a member of the Spice girls, had to eat pizza, for 20 years:

In order to maintain her slim figure, Victoria Beckham follows a strict diet plan and according to an article in the Sun newspaper, pizza and carbohydrates in general are forbidden words.

In fact, according to the same publication, Beckham strictly eats fish and vegetables. However, from the beginning of the quarantine, due to coronavirus, David began to try various recipes, including homemade pizza.

And his wife told him to give up and try a little. But the pizza was so delicious that it was not enough.