White dress with summer mood

aspra foremata Summer 2019, White Dress

The white dress is the must piece for the women's summer wardrobe. It is cool and beautiful, whatever its length or design.

It can be worn at all hours and on all occasions. Except, of course, if you are invited to a wedding. In this case, the white dress is forbidden for any woman other than the bride.

White1 Summer 2019, White Dress

White2 Summer 2019, White Dress

So wear your favorite short or long white dress at work, for a walk, at sea or on vacation.

White3 Summer 2019, White Dress

The designs of the white dresses that exist:

In addition to the simple short or long white dresses that are airy and one-piece, there are also those that are medium or decorated with lace, knitted points, ruffles and wasp nests.

Also, especially in according to beautetinkyriaki.gr, are this year the long dresses with slit on the side, the ones that have a deep neckline, as well as the ones that have the shoulders out. These are three white dress designs that are extremely seductive and will make you catch the eye with your passage.

White4 Summer 2019, White Dress

Finally, the fabrics from which they are made vary! It can be cotton, linen, jersey, liqueur or whatever you want. Of course, the coolest of all are linen and cotton.

The accessories you can wear with a white dress:

The accessories you choose to complete your ensemble can be either colored or metallic.

White5 Summer 2019, White Dress

If you want to give a lively and playful mood to your outfit, prefer to combine your white dress with brightly colored bracelets, necklaces, shoes or a bag.

If you still want something softer you can choose silver accessories. They go well with white and give it the necessary shine you need!

White6 Summer 2019, White Dress

The combination of gold, white and tan also looks very nice. It reminds me of Ancient Greece! For example, wear a gorgeous white dress with a thin tan belt, sandals or sandals and finish with gold jewelry.

Source: m.eirinika.gr