Louis CK confirms allegations of sexual harassment against him and apologizes in a letter

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Revelations about sexual harassment in Hollywood have not stopped, since after him, Kevin Spacey, Casey Affleck and Dustin Hoffman came the turn of comedian Louis CK

Last Thursday, the New York Times published the accusations of a total of five female actors who stated that Louis CK was masturbating while talking to them on the phone or even in front of their eyes. The women's testimonies date from the late 90s to the mid-2000s, when the comedian "used" to show off his genitals to his colleagues.

After the dread caused, the actor decided to take a position and so published a letter to Variety magazine in which he apologizes for his actions and states that he intends to back off and take the time to listen to what has to be said.

"The power I had in these women came from their admiration for me. "But I used this power irresponsibly," he said in a letter apologizing to his family and longtime manager Dave Becky, who was also accused by the Times of pressuring victims not to talk about their experiences with Louis. CK

"I always said to myself that it's okay what I do because I never showed a woman my penis without asking her first. "After a while I realized that having power over someone and asking them to see your penis is not a question, it is by definition a difficult situation for him", he notes in another part of the letter and adds: "There is none of this for which to forgive myself. "And I have to come to terms with who I am, something small compared to what I caused those women."

He closes his letter by saying that he understands and asks for sincere forgiveness for the harm he has caused both to the victims and to his associates and family, but also to anyone else who has relied on him all these years.


Source: HuffPost