The most common lies you can hear from a woman

As women, let us be honest with ourselves and admit that where and when we say no lies.

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As women, let us be honest with ourselves and admit that where and when we say no lies. Most of the time to avoid a collision. However, lying in a relationship can also cause problems.

Here are some of the most common lies a woman can tell.

"But of course I also like your family"

Is a bad relationship with in-laws a myth or a truth? Nowadays, however, the "hatred" between brides and mothers-in-law is limited. However, even women who do not get along very well with their in-laws will find it difficult to admit it. It is awkward to say it even to your partner. How can you tell someone that you do not like their family, let alone their parents ?! So it's no surprise that some women keep this dislike only to themselves, or at least are slow to show it!

"I'm not jealous"

Women because of selfishness pretend that it does not bother us if, for example, our good friend has developed friendships with women from his work environment or if we see him browsing a magazine, but the reality is completely different. We lie so as not to look out of place, attached, jealous and insecure. Usually this is paid in the same currency!

"It was incredible!"

Almost all women have lied in the bedroom about experiences, orgasms or that "size does not matter". It is also quite common for women to pretend that our partner is the best of them all.

"Nothing all good"

When he asks you what is going on, the first answer that comes to mind is "Nothing, everything is fine". But it seems that behavior and body language do not go hand in hand with the answer. But in the end, because it should have everything "on the plate". Let him discover something for himself!

"I'm almost ready!"

Whether we go to the supermarket or a party, we want to be sparkling. It is not our fault that we need time to apply make-up, fix our hair and find what clothes to wear. It is difficult to be a woman.

"I have a headache"

After a hard day at work, all we need is sleep. We love our partner but we do not always have an erotic mood. But because we need an excuse, what can we do? We pretend to be tired or say we have a headache. The truth is, however, that it always works!

"I was joking"

After we have said something bad and inelegant and while we are trying to patch them up, we throw it in the plate and say that it was just a joke. Even if we did joke, the comment is still bad. If you know that your good friend does not do well with criticism, keep the jokes to yourself.