Uma Thurman's Thanksgiving message had a "thank you" to everyone except Harvey Weinstein

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Thanksgiving for America was an opportunity for celebrities to wish many different things through their personal social media accounts. For very understandable reasons, however, Uma Thurman's message stands out, with a clear reference to.

A few days ago, on the red carpet for the new Broadway production entitled "The Parisian Woman", which has erupted in Hollywood in recent months, starting with producer Harvey Weinstein, with whom she has collaborated several times in the past. .

Then Thurman had praised the women who find the courage and speak and had said that she would make more statements when she was less angry because as many times as she made angry statements in the past, she later regretted it.

Now, she posted a photo of herself on instagram, writing characteristically: "Today I feel grateful that I am alive, for all those I love and for all those who have the courage to stand up for others. I recently said that I am angry and I have some reasons too (#metoo), in case you could not imagine it from the look in my photo. I think it is important to take our time, to be fair and accurate. So… Happy Thanksgiving to all! Except for you Harvey and all your bad conspirators - I'm glad the case is slowly evolving, you don't just deserve a bullet. Stay tuned".

Her anger is probably still holding well. Still, who can disagree with her?


Source: HuffPost