Three things a man can hide from a woman

Not all men have the same character so some are more open and some more closed

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Not all men have the same character, with the result that some are more open and others more closed in what they say to their partner. 

In addition, most men are much more sensitive than a woman thinks and sometimes just do not want to share the thoughts that torment their minds. See for example below three things that a man can hide from a woman…

His fears

One of the secrets that men do not reveal is that they are afraid. Of course, their fears are not limited to spiders and cockroaches. They may just be afraid of losing you. It is the most silent fear they have.

His fantasies

In addition to the fear of losing you, another thing that your good man hides from you, is his sexual fantasies. Sometimes, their somewhat "advanced" erotic fantasies are taboo. He may be afraid that he will offend or frighten his partner.

His financial situation

One of the things that a man can hide from a woman, even when he does not know her well, is his financial situation. Many times, if he has financial problems, he may think that this will change the way a woman sees him.