Kappa: The must coat of autumn (PICTURES)

The great fashion designers want a cape

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If you are tired of wearing the trench coat or the jacket, the cape has come to renew your options by offering a great alternative. And a very trendy alternative in fact, as the catwalks proved in the recent Fashion Weeks of the world.

The history of this particular garment begins in the 19th century, the era of the heyday of Romanticism. In the process it was replaced by coats and rents, just as romance gave way to petty reality.

In the 1930s, fashion, in a context of nostalgia for the past and in an attempt to "popularize" the fairytale princely style, restored the capes in a renewed form, more theatrical. Since then the capes, or ponchos as we once called them, have not come out of us.

This year it exists in so many branded collections and in so many different variations, from the most modern to the most classic, that it is a beacon light that will be the main coat of autumn.

Designers combine the cape with any outfit and design without fear and with a lot of passion. Loewe turns a quilt into a coat for extreme cold. Chanel presented a cape-shirt-jacket in the most in color of the season, while Burberry chose the fur. Givenchy and Valentino gave more luxurious and crafted pieces.

Marc Jacobs presented many capes reminiscent of a shepherd's cape in various colors and patterns with letters, as well as one in orange with a hood.


Perhaps the most daring and uncomfortable cape of the season was worn by Lady Gaga - what else? It is a cape dress, so you do not take it off when you are warm.


To wear the cape, you do not need shame, neither should nor special concern. It matches all hours of the day and night, with everything and everywhere, our daily life, work, walks, outings. It is a romantic, bohemian outfit, which is addressed to all ages and shapes a special style. Commonly, cape, cape, eh, your coat, people!