"Dear parents, do you remember?" - An open letter from a teacher

Nea Famagusta


An open letter to all parents was sent by the pre-primary education teacher, Stelia Dimitriou-Michailidou, inviting them to "remember".

Without dealing with the work and everything that is happening in the last weeks in the field of Education, Mrs. Dimitriou-Michailidou invites parents to remember everything they went through together.

"It was then that I looked you in the eye and assured you that everything would be fine, because I will be both a mother and a teacher for your child," she says.

"I know you have not changed. You are the same parent who is anxious for his child at all times. That trusting the teacher is his only hope for the education and development of his child. "Even if we once said a couple of conversations above, then we laughed and accepted our human nature, which implies the possibility of error", he explains.

Read the letter as it is:

«Dear parents,

Today I would like to address you. I will not deal with my work, nor with my rights, nor even with the difficulties of my job. I just want to see if you remember…

-Do you remember when you first brought your child to school and you did not feel like leaving it? I had seen the agony in your eyes and I could see the emotion in the tone of your voice. It was then that I looked you in the eye and assured you that everything would be fine, because I would be both a mother and a teacher for your child.

-Do you remember when together we "conspired" to persuade your child to overcome a phobia or insecurity and we made action plans, which would start at school and continue at home, and vice versa? Do you remember that we also involved independent therapists in the procedure and had afternoon discussions, either live or on the phone? It was then that together we managed to make a difference for the best of your child.

-Do you remember that school holiday when you were sure that your child was not allowed to participate, due to shyness and I told you "trust me"? It was at that celebration that I led him to the steps holding him by the hand and whispering his words with him to make him feel safe. I remember that day you cried out of emotion and pride and I cried with you.

-Do you remember that day when your child suddenly became ill and you find it difficult to get leave from your job to come and get it immediately? It was the day I held him in my arms as he was burning with fever and I felt his heart pounding like crazy and I was experiencing the same agony as you, but I did not leave it in my arms until you could pick it up.
-Do you remember that week when your child took consecutive absences due to illness, and I called you every night to find out if it was better and to support you in your agony?

-Do you remember when you came to a state of despair at school, to tell me that the child does not eat or that he does not sleep, or that he regresses, or even that his behavior changed because the family acquired a new member or experienced a loss? It was then that we sat together and discussed the psychological and pedagogical dimension of the subject and I promised you that I would look to find relevant auxiliary material to include it in the lesson, so that I could help on my part in the issue that troubled you.

Do you remember the day I called you to talk about your child and with a knot in my stomach I was trying to explain to you that the child is having some difficulties and will need more support from experts? That day I saw your eyes watering and I do not hide from you that I felt the same as you. And yet I knew that towards you I must be honest in order to prevent an unfavorable situation or to intervene in time, in order to help you and your child, as soon as I can.

-Do you remember the next year when I was no longer your child's teacher, that whenever I met you I asked you anxiously about his progress? It is because every time we separate our students, we experience loss. Each of them takes a piece of us with him. And when we meet them again, we look for contact with that piece and confirmation that everything is going well.

-Do you remember that afternoon when your child did not have time to finish school and I gladly called you to announce the progress I noticed that day, to share my pride with you?

-Do you remember when on the last day of school, you and I said goodbye with a hug, and we both knew that even though we were lucky that year, we were united by a deeper goal and the same anxiety for your child?

-Do you remember that day when, as part of a school activity, you came to school to attend a class in our classroom? Do you remember that you saw your child happy to play, to learn, to discover and then you approached me and said to me: I did not know that you did so many things, in such difficult conditions!

Do you remember when we had the school party and we had to transfer the stage from the classroom to the theater and I had no choice but to bother you at work and ask you to help with the transportation? It was then that you left everything in the middle to help us and your willingness left us all speechless and grateful.

-Do you remember that afternoon, at the joint event of parents-teachers that we were together in the carnival dance hall, both painted like funny caricatures, and we tried to entertain the school children together?
I know you have not changed. You are the same parent who is anxious for his child at all times. That trusting the teacher is his only hope for the education and development of his child. Even if we once said a couple of words above, then we laughed and accepted our human nature which implies the possibility of error. I have seen your appreciation for me in your eyes, I have felt it in our handshake, I have confirmed it from the love I received from your children.

I am the same teacher you met then. Please do not listen to all the accusations that are being thrown at me. I did not insult you, I did not provoke you, I did not wrong you. Remember what you know and say what the surrounding atmosphere imposes on you.

You know better. You and I know better.

If you really remember everything I mentioned, you will also know that together we can do better. Next to each other for the good of the children. Know that I will stand on a rock and will not accept anything less for your child! If you want you can go with me.

As then: at the party, at the office, on the phone, in the classroom, in the beautiful and the difficult. You know the difference, we do it together.


We, your child's teachers, who care about it like our own child».