Educational Psychologist Andreas Dimitriou created the most original game (IMAGES)

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Andreas Dimitriou, Registered Teacher / School Psychologist of Larnaca-Famagusta province, recently announced on social media the launch of an innovative, enjoyable and above all educational game entitled "Life Skills-Life Skills Box" for children from 4 years above. A game that can change a child's life and help him develop skills useful for his daily life. At the same time, this game can help parents get to know their children better and together find ways to find effective solutions to various social problems. It is addressed to parents, babysitters, kindergarten teachers, teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologists and those who work with children of preschool and school age.

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The game contains 50 social status cards aimed at recognizing, expressing and managing emotions, developing social transaction and interaction skills, social communication skills, problem solving skills, collaboration and teamwork skills, conflict resolution and conflict resolution skills. acceptance of self and diversity.

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Available either through the office of Andreas Dimitriou located in Larnaca or through the relevant link CLICKING HERE

The cost is 13 euros for those who wish to receive it at the psychologist's office and 15 euros for those who will place their order electronically (including shipping costs). Currently available only in Cyprus. Procedures are being done to find a way to send the game abroad.

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For more information you can contact Andreas Dimitriou at the following contact details:

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