What to do as a parent to reduce the time on the child cell phone

Tips for Tackling this Growing Cell Phone Addiction for Kids and Teens

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Profile view of little boy using smart phone at dining table while his parents are in the background.

As we as a society experience drastic changes in how technology, media and social media are used, more and more people are developing a kind of addiction to mobile devices that keep them "connected" to the cyber world. And an earlier poll by Common Sense Media came to confirm that.

In addition to the numbers, the report also includes tips for tackling this growing trend of cell phone addiction for children and teens. See what parents can do to help their children with this phenomenon:

Set limits on phone usage

Parents can not just take the various gadgets from their children in the hope that this will solve the problem. What they can do is determine how many hours a day a cell phone is allowed to use, as well as some free time zones. The rules depend on the family. Some may decide to set simple limits, such as turning off the cell phone while the child is sitting at the table eating. Others may choose to set more specific rules with a total ban on cell phone use after a certain time in the evening (separately for weekdays and weekends).

Check out the apps your kids use

Parents should check the applications that the child has on his mobile phone. Make sure they are appropriate for his age and that they are useful and beneficial for the whole family. There are applications that enhance the creativity and quality of the time the whole family spends together. Parents need to encourage their children to be creative and responsible users of technology and not just passive subscribers to all kinds of applications that come up incessantly.

Really care

Parents should interact with their children while they use their mobile phones and other devices connected to the internet. They should support their children's learning, help them explore new things, see who catches their attention online and play with them. It will also help if parents guide their children on how to challenge and judge media messages, in order to enhance their understanding of the role of the media in society.

Show the child the effects of using the cell phone while doing other things

The study found that teens do not realize that the quality of their reading is affected by the simultaneous use of their mobile phone. Parents need to know that it is important for their children to focus on what they are doing at all times and reading plays a very important role in this. They should therefore create an environment with minimal distractions, where children stay away from all forms of social media while reading, or talking to them about something important.

Set an example for children

Parents should start with themselves first. Start by setting aside your cell phone while sitting at the table to eat, or at other times. Always keep your mobile phone aside and do not use it while driving: it is a very bad example for the child! In general, your actions should show children the values ​​you want to pass on to them.

Source: http://www.techtimes.com