Vasiliki Hatziadamou talks about her new show (VIDEO)

Vasiliki Hatziadamou returns refreshed to Alpha Cyprus, in traditional, folk and rebetiko rhythms, with a brand new concept that includes a highly successful combination of traditional and other sounds, games, surprises and a famous guest who arrives at the studio with his own amazing ”.

The presenter invited to the show "With love Christiana" spoke about the premiere of her new show, "Delivery at home". which premieres tomorrow, Sunday, at 21:15 at Alpha Cyprus. Invited to the first show is the actor Michalis Sophocleous where in conjunction with his "madness" and the friends he chose to have with him will give a special night to viewers.

"We start on Sunday and I am happy because something very nice was set up with a lot of mood, with a lot of joy and with a lot of laughter. For the first show we chose Michalis Sophocleous who is an insane asylum and that was absolutely good for the first time. I'm proud of the show we built last year and our initial thought was to continue it but when we sat down to think about how the show would go and the idea came out where we would have a guest and five friends. They are divided into two groups and we have a surprise for each guest. "

See what he told Christiana about tomorrow's premiere:

Source: AlphaNews.Live