Eurovision Hunters Movement: "Irrationality in all its glory"

The United Cypriot Hunters Movement - Active Citizens speaks of "equalizing dignity and education" regarding this year's Eurovision song contest

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The United Cypriot Hunters - Active Citizens Movement expresses its disgust and displeasure in a statement regarding this year's Eurovision song contest and the images presented by these countries during their live performances.

This announcement:

"Irrationality in all its glory through a European competition. The presentation of Ireland's song at Eurovision is unacceptable and beyond all logic. Unfortunately, we live in moments of infinite beauty where the leveling of the dignity of education, but also of humanity as a whole, has reached its zenith.
Any tolerance means acceptance.
Acceptance of irrationality and this new order of things beset the decline of society and its bleak future.
A European celebration, a celebration of song where we once learned about peoples, cultures and civilizations, and which was a pole of attraction for thousands of spectators around the world, turned into satanic ceremonies, hypochthony ceremonies, ceremonies of neutrals, heterosexuals, atheists, ceremonies of insulting the public vulva, of every value and ideal.
Shame about this descent.
The Identity of every people is its ideals, values ​​and deeds. Let us keep these as the apple of our eye so that we can look to the future with optimism.
As Active Citizens-Movement of United Cypriot Hunters, a Movement that supports Basic Values ​​and Ideals, we condemn in the strongest possible way the presence of Ireland in the Eurovision contest and we consider unacceptable the attitude of the Committee for the Acceptance of such a provocative and shameful presentation. We consider unacceptable the attitude of the Commission which did not proceed with the exclusion of Ireland.
Γραφείο Τύπου
Active Citizens-Movement of United Cypriot Hunters