Switzerland's Nemo – The first non-binary person to win the contest

Switzerland's last Eurovision win was in 1988 with Celine Dion

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The Swiss committee for this year's Eurovision chose Nemo and the song 'The Code' after listening to 400 different songs submitted to the Swiss broadcaster.

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Who is the Swiss artist?

Nemo. A non-binary artist, who through his song "The Code", describes his journey until he discovers who he really is, encouraging other people to search for their identity.

"The Code" is about the journey I began with the realization that I am neither male nor female. Finding myself has been a long and often difficult process for me. But nothing makes me feel better than the freedom I gained by realizing I'm non-binary," Nemo said in an interview.

Rapper, singer and musician

He was born on August 3, 1999 in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. He is a rapper, singer and musician. He also plays violin, piano and drums. Since 2015 when Nemo "invaded" the discography, he has released several Extended Plays (EP) and singles.

"Du" is the single that has so far given him the highest position in the charts of his country, with the track reaching No. 4 and going platinum.

The 24-year-old singer has so far won five awards, including best new artist. In November 2023, Nemo publicly announced that he identifies as a non-binary person, and his song "The Code" refers to this.

Source: in.gr