Nomads: To George Mavridis the current prize of 15.000 euros (vid)


He defeated Konstantinos Oroklos in the "final" - He decided to share them with his two close friends, Nikos Anadiotis and George Katsinopoulos.

The της gifts from the Nomads production to the players just before the final continue. Today reserved a prize of 15.000 euros for the winner, only the claimants did not have to answer a few questions to get them, but really toiled!

Tied with a rope, they had to go three or four times under the same obstacle, following the flow of the rope, climbing other obstacles, passing through them, turning non-stop around an axis, unscrewing it to get some discs and to finally put them in three cages throwing them from a distance… We said, 15.000 euros is that!

In the two "semifinals", George Mavridis and Apostolia Zoi and Konstantinos Oroklos and Nikos Anadiotis competed. Mavridis and Oroklos advanced to the final, with the presenter and tattoo artist taking the big victory.

However, he clarified that he is not going to keep all the money, but he will share it with his two close friends, Nikos Anadiotis and George Katsinopoulos, who has left.

This is the second time that Mavridis has made a similar move, as he had shared the previous prize worth 10.000 euros with Anadiotis, Katsinopoulos and Dimitra Frantzis.

Before the match, the players had a surprise for Grigoris Arnaoutoglou. The presenter of Nomads had his birthday and as he spent it away from Greece, the remaining four started singing to him "Long live Grigoris and happy birthday!". Arnaoutoglou smiled contentedly and accepted their wishes.