The little angels of the Special School of Ap. Varnavas in Liopetri (VIDEO)

Screenshot 2019 01 28 14.10.26 Apostolos Varnavas Special School, Nea Famagusta

The Apostolos Varnavas Special School in Liopetri will be broadcast this Saturday on Alpha TV's 24 Hours show.

Journalist Konstantinos Konstantinou visits the little angels of the Apostolos Barnabas Special School in Liopetri, an earthly "paradise" with little "angels", real fighters of life, as well as the twin fairies, Christiana and Maria, who suffer from cerebral palsy. they rushed to see the sunlight and were born prematurely. Today they generously give light to the hearts of all those who were lucky enough to meet them.

The show introduces the world of children with encephalopathies, autism, syndromes and rare diseases. Innocent souls trapped in bodies that do not respond like other children who do not have problems.

The struggle of parents and the support of teachers who are more than just teachers.

Children with disabilities do not deserve pity, but they do need support and love.

This Saturday, February 2 at 21:15 on Alpha TV.